Environment and sustainability

When we at Roon & Rahn work with the greatest megatrends of our time: Environment, Climate and Sustainability, it is based on our 5 rules of conduct. This means that our focus is on finding simple solutions that have maximum impact, as well as being consistent in our choices and opt-outs and ambitious in our requirements and objectives.

As a furniture company, we make a living producing goods that consumers buy. This results in environmental impacts from production, freight, disposal and from the very operation of our company. That is why, of course, we have a responsibility to ensure that our activities impose the least possible burden on the environment, climate and living conditions in general. And we take that responsibility very seriously! 

Use - not consumption
It is now common knowledge that consumption, and in particular overspending, are the main causes of environmental problems in the broad sense. To counter this as much as possible, we create products that work optimally and last a long time. Here we do this, among other things, through:

      • Solid natural materials that do not wear out when using the product.
      • Proven structures and joints that last for daily use year after year.
      • Classic design and traditional materials that never go out of fashion.
      • Well thought-out solutions that provide real usability in daily life year after year.
It is our ambition to make products that you buy to use and keep throughout your life. Products that do not need to be replaced because they have broken or become fashionably dated. Because one of the biggest environmental benefits is when we buy things to use and keep them for life.

"Buy things you keep and use your entire life. It's a huge environmental benefit."


Wood is still the best
European oak makes up more than 95% of the material we use in our products. It may not be exactly groundbreaking, as wood throughout history is the undisputed most used material for furniture. However, both in terms of the functionality of the products and in terms of environmental impact, wood is still the undisputed best material for furniture. We only use sustainable European oak because it: 

      • Binds the CO2 stored in the wood through its growth.
      • Has a natural, classic beauty that never goes out of fashion.
      • Has a strength and processing capacity that enables the production of imperishable products.
      • Withstands daily use without getting worn out or getting ugly to look at – and is easy to refresh and repair to extend the life of the product.
      • Is a 100% natural and renewable resource.
      • Cannot be recycled and does not generate waste and pollution through proper disposal.
      • Requires few resources for processing (e.g. mimimal consumption of water, chemistry/glue, energy, etc.).
    As a 100% natural, strong, beautiful and timeless material, the oak helps to support our ambition to make things that last and can be used throughout life.

    "Wood is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material measured by all parameters"

    Flat is great for the environment
    A large part of the environmental impact from furniture is due to CO2 emissions from the container ships, trucks and freight cars that transport the furniture from production to consumer. With some simple and very effective tricks, we have minimized this load – and we can even quantify how much environmental impact is reduced.

    "The flat-pack system means that we reduce freight by up to 700%, thus minimizing the environmental impact quite significantly"

    The reduced environmental impact is simply achieved by designing products so that they take up minimal space during shipping. As a rule, this requires that they can be separated and packed as flat as possible. For example, if we shipped our products in total condition, we would be able to use the Moodstand costs 7 times as much – and thus cause 7 times as much environmental impact from the freight.


    Simple solutions have a big effect
    The simple products, made of one or few materials, are often less environmentally damaging than more complex things, where several materials are combined. This applies both in production, during freight and in the actual use of the product.

    "The simple, uncomplicated solutions are most often best for the environment"

    We strive for the greatest possible simplicity in the design, material composition and constructions of our products, thereby achieving a number of environmental benefits:

          • A production with as few subprocesses as possible results in a smaller resource consumption in the process.
          • Few materials in each product minimize transportation from the supply of different raw materials.
          • All our products are made under the same roof, so there is no transport between production sites.
          • Strong and durable products that do not break when used, cf. that simple constructions are often the strongest.
          • Products that are easy to assemble and separate and therefore take up a mininum amount of space during transport.
          • Products that require minimal protection during shipping, minimizes the packaging consumption.
          • Only one cardboard box for of each product. The packaging is designed with strong protective inserts to eliminate an additional cargo packaging and packing fill. 

      It may seem a little trite that we almost worship "the simple solution". But when the simple solutions are usually both the best, most beautiful and strongest, and at the same time provide positive environmental effects, then it is actually a very simple decision.

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