About Roon & Rahn

Our code of existance

Our philosophy and raison d'être are based on 5 vital codes of existance, which is the offset for most of what we do in Roon & Rahn – from product development and material selection to daily behaviour, collaboration with suppliers and dealers and dialogue with our customers: 

1. We create and deliver "Clever Design"

2. We make a virtue out of being utrendy

3. We minimize the environmental impact where the effect is greatest

4. We make it simple and get it done!

5. We are down to earth and always at eye level


1. Clever design

"Clever Design" is for us to create products that support and stimulate a simpler and more harmonious life in the home. Products that solve specific everyday needs in a practical, reliable and space-saving way that helps create order, balance and aesthetics – and that inspires you to work creatively and meaningfully with interior design.

We do not use our efforts on "decorations" and unnecessary solutions, but in turn go to great lengths to ensure the maximum functionality – often supplemented with additional features that extend the product's usefulness and make it even more integrated into everyday life. That is what Clever Design is all about.


2. A virtue to be utrendy

We focus on creating products that solve everyday tasks that do not "disappear over time". We choose materials that are indestructible, accessible and familiar. We design in a style that is more classic than contemporary. And we seek inspiration and solutions in the traditions of carpentry, which have existed and created value for generations.

In this way, we avoid the volatility that automatically accompanies fashion and trends, and we counteract the short-term (over)use and "throwaway culture", which unfortunately still characterizes the modern person's lifestyle.


3. Reduced environmental impact where the effect is greatest

We make demands for ourselves to minimize the negative environmental impact to the maximum – among other things by focusing on the factors where we can make the biggest positive difference. This places great demands on the design process and choice of materials, and at the same time has consequences for logistics, communication and collaboration.

And "reduction" is precisely the key word for achieving maximum environmental impact – from minimizing the volume of the product during transport and reducing complexity in production to shortening freight chains and optimizing internal workflows. Read more about this under "Environment and Sustainability".


4. Make it simple

      We have a slightly "low practical" approach to most of our business. We strive for simplicity, avoid making things complicated and stay focused on the essentials. This is most evident in our products, which are characterized by a simplistic style, solid and often quite simple carpentry constructions – as well as the function and use of the product that is obvious and uncomplicated.

      But the simple also applies to our internal processes. For example, we strive to ensure that our products' journey from production to customer is as short as possible, and our communication with customers must be clear, clear and without "nice wrapping and airy words". We are actually trying to 'just' do what gives the greatest possible value and the least possible 'superfluity'. And while it may sound trite, it doesn't mean it's the easiest. In fact, finding the essential, simple solutions is the most demanding part of the design process.


      5. Grounding at eye level

      When we founded Roon & Rahn, we made our own products and sold them personally at design markets. This way we always had a close 1:1 dialogue with the customers who fell for our ideas and solutions. We have maintained this close contact and open dialogue with customers, even though today we are a significantly larger company. It's about being at eye level and in direct dialogue with the people who show us confidence – and we want to prioritize that no matter how big we get!

      The same set of values applies to our suppliers and business partners. We deal with all cards on the table, we have respect for the partners situation, needs and opportunities and we never try to optimize our own situation at the partner's expense. We believe this provides the best relationship in the long run – and thus also the best business.



      Our story


      Roon & Rahn was founded by us - Nicki van Roon and René Rahn Hansen - in 2014. It started as a hobby project in Aarhus, where we built furniture for ourselves. We quickly saw that friends and acquaintances showed interest in our things, and therefore began to produce and sell to people in our social circle.

      We submitted our first product, the Rank dining table,to the Danish furniture company, ILVA's design competition, which we ended up winning. After that, it quickly became much more ambitious, and we developed more products at our workshop at Godsbanen in Aarhus, Denmark. Subsequently, we won the "Nordic Buzz Award - Best Business Idea" at the design fair Formland.

      In the years following the Formland Prize, we developed a number of products that we sold both through retailers, webshops and at different design markets. Later we had come to realise that our focus was off, so in 2019 changed direction and focused 100% on the wood-based uniquely designed products with great success. In this connection, we also included the experienced furniture-personality, Anders Bundgaard, in both the ownership circle and the day-to-day operations.

      Today we are more experienced with a sharp and proven assortment of carpentry products, mainly for the hallway. And there is a lot more to come – for the entire home. 


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